Acer Aspire 9500 – Laptop Mag

Acer Aspire 9500 notebookLaptop Mag features a new review of the Acer Aspire 9500 laptop and writes:

Entertainment notebooks usually come in two sizes: large and very large. Acer’s Aspire 9500 breaks that mold with a slim 17-inch footprint that you can take on the road. It’s a very good machine for watching DVDs, listening to music, and even watching and recording TV. The system’s high-end hardware will make any multimedia maven happy.

The battery life of this Acer Aspire Laptop model is appreciated : With the Wi-Fi radio turned off, the 9500 lasted for well over three hours unplugged, which is a good runtime for a desktop replacement system. But the test did not run successfully with Wi-Fi on.

The conclusion of this Acer Aspire 9500 review: Overall, the Acer Aspire 9500 is an excellent notebook for entertainment enthusiasts who’d rather have a manageable size and weight over a behemoth that tries to do too much. It’s, ahem, something to aspire to.

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