Toshiba Tecra M4-S515

Toshiba Tecra M4 S515 Tablet PC - LaptopPC World features a Toshiba Tecra M4-S515 review and writes : ‘The Toshiba Tecra M4-S515 is a nicely designed convertible notebook that’s easy to use as a tablet PC. It has plenty of ports accessible in both tablet and laptop modes, but our test unit’s touchpad didn’t always work.

To convert the M4-S515 into a tablet, you have to swivel the 14.1-inch screen clockwise and lay it flat against the keyboard. Along with the touch screen, the M4-S515 offers two keyboard pointing devices: an eraserhead and a touchpad. The eraserhead worked fine, but the touchpad did not. No matter how I tweaked the settings, the touchpad wouldn’t reliably select text when I dragged my finger across it. Selection usually required several swipes, and sometimes it didn’t work at all.’

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