ACECAD DigiMemo A501 Reviews

Acecad DigiMemo A501 NotepadACECAD DigiMemo A501 is a digital paper and pen handwriting storage and recognition solution. The DigiMemo A501 is a stand-alone device with storage capability that digitally captures and stores everything you write or draw with ink on ordinary paper, without the use of computer and special paper. Then you can easily view, edit, organize and share your handwritten notes in Windows.

Pocket Lint featured a ACECAD DigiMemo A501 Digital notepad Review and wrote:

“Until now, a few technology companies have offered partial solution to this problem including handwriting recognition systems and text scanning pens, but the chaps at ACECAD seem to have combined a number of these together to product a practical solution, the DigiMemo A501.

The A501 resembles a thick clipboard, 309mm long x 209m wide in size and 560g in weight, with an A5 writing area. The idea is simple. A pad of A5 paper is placed onto the clipboard, or portable digital pad as ACECAD refer to it, and then a special electronic pen is used to write on it. The pen has a ballpoint nib, so it’s exactly the same experience as scratching away with your Biro in your ringbound office jotter. Every time you finish a page you simply turn over a new one and press the downwards arrow key to the left of the pad. This action generates a new digital page in the A501’s 8Mb internal memory, so everything you write is kept separated to reflect the contents on the paper pages. If you want to go back to add or amend what you have written, simply toggle through the pages on the little digital display and then carry on writing on the page in question.”

The verdict:

Overall, I like it. The DigiMemo A501 is the sort of product that would make the working lives of at least a dozen people I spend the majority of my working week with, much easier. It’s quick to set up, easy to use and the conversion process, with the wind blowing on the right sort of handwriting will mean that you can have a flawless version of you meeting notes in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

The PC World magazine wrote about the ACECAD DigiMemo A501: “The ACECAD DigiMemo A501 looks like a clipboard but does much more.

Begin by writing on a paper pad (up to 12mm thick and A5 size is supported) with the supplied digital inking pen and the DigiMemo underneath saves the text or drawings to 8MB of in-built storage or to an optional CompactFlash card. The DigiMemo and the pen’s own sensor triangulate what you write to output what in our tests, proved to be quite an accurate result. ”

And another ACECAD DigiMemo A501 review comes from PocketNow:

The ACECAD DigiMemo A501 is almost too simple to be true. It is a “digital notepad”, that is, it captures the motion of your pen while you are writing on standard paper, and retains this information in digital form. Because of this, these notes can be edited and manipulated on the PC before being emailed or run through OCR software. The unit itself is no larger than a standard 8 1/2″ by 11″ clipboard, though it will only allow for up to about A5 sized paper (5.9″ by 8.3″).

The DigiMemo A501 digital pad runs off of 4 AAA batteries (rated use of >100 hours) and the digital inking pen included with it has one button cell battery (a #377, very common) rated to last for 14 months. The pad itself weighs in at just under 1.25 lbs, and the pen feels no heavier than an average ball point pen. The DigiMemo pad has 8MB of built-in memory and also provides a CF slot to add extra memory for when you will be in meetings all day.

And the overall impression: “As someone who frequently is writing heavy notes in whiteboarding meetings, I feel that this product hits a niche market for those who prefer to write and take notes by hand without the use of a Tablet PC. Though great strides have been made in Tablet PC battery life, I feel that none still compare to a product that uses paper, but gives the option of electronic copies.”

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