Acer Aspire 1691

Acer Aspire 1691 (Aspire 1691WLMi laptop) Notebook Review features an Acer Aspire 1691 review and writes:

“I’m a lucky lad. Not only am I sat in front of a portable superb-looking laptop, but I’m also looking at a desktop replacement. Because of my new Acer Aspire 1691, I can finally throw away my desktop computer, space wasting pile of junk. The sleek Acer 1691 tops my old desktop in every single respect. It’s amazing how laptops have come down in price, back in the day laptops were a luxury, but now laptops are a necessity for anybody looking for a new computer.”

The configuration of the reviewed Acer Aspire 1691 laptop:

1.6GHz, 533 FSB, 2MB L2 cache — Pentium M 730
15.4 Inch WXGA Crystalbrite TFT LCD
ATI X700 Mobility Radeon with 64MB VRAM
80GB HDD 4200RPM
CD Car-Stereo type loader that writes DVDs and CDs
512MB DD2 — Dual-channel supported
802.11b/g wireless Lan
XP Home Edition
Various USB 2.0 and other ports

(Acer Aspire 1691WLMi notebook)

The conclusion of this Acer Aspire 1691 (Acer Aspire 1691WLMi) laptop is:

I would recommend this laptop to everybody and anybody looking for a laptop which will carry them though a couple of years of surfing the internet, playing games, and typing like there’s no tomorrow. Basically a laptop that will be a desktop when you want it to be, and a portable typing machine when you click your fingers. There are a lot of people just like me who want a laptop to suit many needs. For the price, you cannot go wrong with this! The old model has an X600 64MB and doesn’t have DDR2. If your local supplier is stocking the old model, give them an earful and demand the new model — you’re not going to be disappointed with this flying machine!

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