Asus Z63a Review – Notebook Review

Asus w3a ThinkMate Z63a laptop PCNotebook Review have Asus Z63a review. The reviewed Asus W3A (Asus ThinkMate W3A) or Asus Z63a laptop specifications: 1.8Ghz Pentium M , 1GB PC4200 Kingston RAM , 80GB 5400RPM Fujitsu MHT2080AH Harddrive, 14″ Screen with glossy coating , 8X DVD Burner with Dual Layer capability , Integrated Video Card.

They write :

“I settled for the Asus Z63A (or W3A as Asus officially calls it, not to be confused with the more expensive Asus W3V). The Z63A is not an ultra-portable, but definitely falls into the “thin and light” category. At 5.5lbs, it is light enough to tote around, but its 14″ screen size means you don’t have to go blind trying to read the text.”

And the conclusion of this review:

“I love this laptop, I really do. And I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone except those that are picky or sensitive when it comes to the heat issue. If you felt the Sony S series was too hot, then you probably won’t like this laptop any better. However, if you are going to be using this on desks, tables, and other non-human surfaces most of the time (i.e. your legs), then the heat won’t be an issue unless it shortens the lifespan of the harddrive. Aside from that one issue I say that this laptop has got it all: beautiful looks, nice battery life, amazing performance, and all in a small, compact package.”

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