Gizmondo US launch date delayed

Gizmondo HanheldThe launch date for Gizmondo handheld was originally scheduled for August 11th.

But GamesIndustry reports that Gizmondo Delays US Launch:

“We’re moving the release date, which is why there hasn’t been anything promotion-wise yet,” said the representative. “The new release date is now October for the North American Gizmondo launch. More details will be released next week. There will be a launch event, but at present it’s not been decided where or when.”

The slip has been attributed to the lack of two key titles to the territory, a satellite navigation package and “major” unnamed US game. “August is a slow month for retail, and with these two major items of software delayed, it made little sense to launch the machine,” said our source.

Further to this, he revealed that the company is suffering a hardware shortage, which would hamper its ability to release Gizmondo across the US as initially planned. It is hoped that the October date will allow more time for distribution as well as giving time for the opening of a Los Angeles office for a Gizmondo specific R&D team and a dedicated marketing staff to couple the current sales team.

Meanwhile, Gizmondo Europe has published this month’s game line-up for the handheld, with Classic Compendium, Ball Busters, EA Sports FIFA Football 2005, and SSX 3 all due during the next four weeks. Point of Destruction will be the first of this new batch, releasing this Friday for UKP 9.99.

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