HP hw6500 Review

HP hw6500 Mobile Messenger SmartphoneOm Malik from Gigaom reviews the HP HW 6500 and writes about using HP hw6500 Mobile Messenger as a multimedia device:

I like the storage expansion options and you can get a 1 GB SD card cheap enough to basically use MM as a music player. Since it plays back WMA files, the storage is enough to cram in music/podcasts that can entertain you for a few hours. Mind you, this doesn’t mean if I will be replacing my iPod anytime soon, but for short walks or 15-minute bus rides, this is a good option. Then there is the option of converting your videos (on your PC) and putting them on the card. I found the video sucked up the battery life of the device, and decided to forego further testing. Talking about batteries – how is the battery life. At the end of day two, I had used up 40% of the total battery after initial charge. This is with Good Wireless Email running all the time, and sporadic voice calls, and some music “listening.”

The conclusion of this nice HW6500 review : ” The big downside of the device – its happy as a clam in the Windows world. It doesn’t make magic with a Mac as yet, because most of the existing programs like Pocket Mac don’t work for this particular model. On a scale of 1 to 10, this gets a solid 7 from me. A good buy for those who are looking for a Treo option.”

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