Latest Fujitsu Loox T70M and Loox 70MT

Fujitsu Loox T70M notebookAkihabara reports about the latest Fujitsu LOOX laptops and the fact that the latest Loox range features 20% lower power comsumption:

Your Loox can stay switched on for 11.3h. The weight has dropped from 1.21kg to 1.17kg, xD memory cards are also supported (on top of the already supported SD and MS), the quality of the screen has been improved with the apparation of an LED backlight, and the Fujitsu’s adopt DDR2 and so they are SONOMA with a minimum of 512Mb of RAM (in one slot this time). They also have an intel 915 video card with 128Mb of memory, the HDD sizes drop from 80 to 60Gb, but they’re still a/b/g wireless, DVD DL and they have a fingerprint sensor. Prices have not been disclosed yet, but they should be comparable to the previous ones.

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