Motion LS800 Tablet PC Photo Review

Motion LS 800 Tablet PCThere is a nice Motion LS800 Tablet PC Photo Review from Tablet Switcher. Here are some of the first impressions:

My Motion LS800 Tablet PC arrived yesterday (!). First impression: wow, that’s small! But after getting a good look at it, I think “just right” is a better description. This is really the perfect size, and after a day of use, I can’t imagine lugging around anything bigger.

There are some nice pictures and comments of the new LS800:

One of the issues mentioned in reviews is heat: it does get a little toasty. I actually had it shutdown on me. Interestingly, I was being careful not to block the (many) vents. I had it on the table but slightly (1″) elevated at one end.

And another aspect in this Motion LS800 review:
“The only other thing which is a bit irritating is the screen rotation. I like using it in portrait (I’m still debating which portrait position, but that’s another story). Windows insists on displaying the login screen in landscape (although it sometimes mangles/crops a portrait-sized display into a landscape orientation). I can’t figure out how it chooses which landscape to use, though, and when you get logged in, it can’t seem to remember which portrait to go back to; it goes to the right one for a second, and then switches to landscape. ”

More about the Motion LS800 Tablet PC here.

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