Orange SPV M500 Smartphone Reviewed

Orange SPV M500 smartphoneFinally, there is a Orange SPV M500 review. Trusted Reviews writes about the Orange SPV M500 Smartphone:

“In use the SPV M500 works much like a PDA with phone functionality strapped on to it. This is really the only flaw of the SPV M500, although no fault of Orange’s but rather an issue that Microsoft needs to improve upon. Orange has added Spb GPRS monitor on top of the software that comes with the Microsoft operating system which allows you to keep track of your GPRS spend. It also adds quick access to screen brightness, battery life information, GPRS access, Internet Explorer and Pocket Outlook to the home screen. Orange also supplies ClearVue PDF and PPT – the former for viewing PDF files and the latter for PowerPoint presentations. The resolution on the SPV M500 is not ideal for either of these file types, but it’s a handy ability when nonetheless.

The Orange SPV M500 is a pocket friendly PDA with phone functionality. As a business tool it’s a winner but it’s also great for entertainment and Internet access on the move. At the price it’s a bargain. ”

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