Palm Tungsten W Reviews

Palm Tungsten W handheldFrom the CNET Reviews, the Palm Tungsten W handheld review:

“Dating back to the VII model, Palm has been at the forefront of wireless e-mail devices, but the company has never managed to get everything completely right. Enter the Tungsten W, a BlackBerry-esque wireless Palm that works on GPRS networks and also offers voice support for making calls. Is this the wireless Palm that we’ve all been waiting for? Well, sort of. The Tungsten W is an all-around useful communications tool, with strong PDA features and decent e-mail functionality. However, we wish that Palm had included better voice support out of the box and a server-based e-mail solution for the corporate customers to whom the W is targeted. ”

Palm Tungsten W receives a “Very Good” rating (7.3 points) in this review for :Long talk time; high-resolution screen; roomy thumb keyboard.

InfoSyncWorld also reviewed the Palm Tungsten W2 and wrote: “The Palm Tungsten W pda is an evolutionary step forward from Palm’s previous wireless models. It’s also the first to get it mostly right. GSM/GPRS is a much nicer network than the pager networks. The thumbboard is good, but not great. The sluggishness of the device in some applications gives us pause. 66 MHz seems a necessity here, if not an ARM processor. The biggest drawback is the lack of good push-based applications, which seem like they would be a necessity on such a device for corporate use. On the flip side, support for web clipping is most welcome, and the battery life is absolutely phenomenal. Overall we like the Palm Tungsten W, but there is still room for improvement before it becomes the uber-wireless handheld.

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