Royal EZVue 5

Royal EZ Vue 5 PDAAbout Palmtops wrote a review for the Royal EZVue 5. The 3MB Memory Organizer with 6-line Display (featuring a 7 Language Translator, Calendar, Address book, CalendarMemo, To do List, Ergonomic Slide-out Keyboard, Touch Screen) which comes with a PC & Outlook Sync. application is very well appreciated by the reviewer:

Can a mobile device ever come equipped with too many useful features? It is possible, I suppose, particularly if the MSRP is increased accordingly or portability sacrificed in the process. But what if a manufacturer was able to cram a whole suite’s worth of useful software applications into a true pocket sized device with a retail price lower than the cost of an average PDA battery? You’d have summarized the Royal EZVue 5. This inexpensive PDA alternative managed to impress on many levels with a host of handy pre-installed software that goes above and beyond the current electronic organizer standards. As is the case with most hardware running a proprietary operating system, there is increased importance on purchasing the unit based on the pre-installed software set alone. It is fortunate then that Royal has clearly done their homework on what to include in an inexpensive, widely available PDA. Before we get into the intuitive software applications and included PDO (desktop) function-ability, the hardware itself deserves a closer look.

The Royal EZVue PDA is stylus/ touch screen functional but contains a slide down 49 key thumb board in QWERTY format.

The Royal EZ Vue 5 system comes with both a spell checker (based on the American Heritage Dictionary) and thesaurus pre-installed with a 7 language translator ready at the tap of the stylus (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugese, and Dutch).

Royal EZVue 5 price is $34.99 (Royal price list)

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