Rumours about the HTC Galaxy

After the succes of the HTC Universal smartphone and HTC Wizard, there are information about a new Pocket PC HTC smartphone model called HTC Galaxy that looks to be about the same size as the HTC Magician.

HTC Galaxy Specifications (preview):
Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 (Magneto)
Processor : Samsung S3C2440M at 300Mhz
Memory: 64MB Flash ROM, 32MB SDRAM
Display: LCD TFT , 2.8” 240×320 Pixels
GPS, Bluetooth and WLAN 802.11b , Infrared IrDA/ USB
109.7mm x 59.4mm x 17.6mm

This might be a new succesful Pocket PC smartphone from HTC.

Thanks to this HTC Galaxy info at PDA France

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