Zodiac PDA discontinued

Zodiac PDATapwave has discontinued its Zodiac handheld video game machine.

We are sorry to inform you that the Zodiac business was discontinued and service and support are no longer available as of July 25th 2005.

Resources that may still be helpful to you can be found at http://www.tapwave.com/resources and http://www.tapwave.com/support. This includes links to websites where you can find a variety of useful tips and information as well as purchase e-books, Audible books and magazines, Palm OS applications, Zodiac skins, and third party Tapwave Certified games.
We thank you for your past interest and support and apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

The Zodiac PDA was launched in 2003 and was based on Palm Operating System. The handheld attempted to combine the functionality of a PDA with a gaming machine integrating a digital music player, photo viewer and mobile eBook reader.

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