Samsung i730 Windows Pocket PC Phone

Samsung i730 SmartphoneThe new i730 is Samsung’s first PDA phone with EV-DO high-speed data, first with a QWERTY mini-keyboard, and first with built-in wi-fi. This Windows Mobile Pocket PC smartphone also features a 520 MHz processor, 128 MB of memory, and an SDIO card slot. Other features include Bluetooth, BlackBerry e-mail support, infrared, 3D stereo speakers, and speaker-independent voice dialing.

From the Samsung Press release: “The search is over for mobile professionals and gadget enthusiasts in need of a wireless device with reliable EV-DO high-speed connectivity, a familiar user interface and essential hardware features. Samsung’s SCH-i730 smartphone, featuring Microsoft’s Windows Mobile software, is available today…The Samsung i730 slider device combines form with functionality, allowing for a 65,000-color touch screen as well as a fully integrated QWERTY keyboard. The screen is ideal for easy viewing of Pocket Excel, Outlook, Power Point, PDF files and Internet Explorer Web pages, while the keyboard enables consumers to complete tasks such as easily typing e-mail messages, taking notes or working on documents via Pocket Word. ”

Now let’s take a look at the reviews for this new Samsung cell phone model.

Samsung i730 Reviews
Phone Scoop made a Samsung i730 review and writes: “This feature-packed PDA-phone will compete head-to-head with the Audiovox 6600 (AKA the HTC Harrier). Both devices include EV-DO high-speed data, camera, Bluetooth, a sliding QWERTY keyboard, and an SDIO slot. Both devices will also run Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC 2nd Edition, which supports landscape display mode.”

From the review of the Samsung i730 Windows Pocket PC Phone by the MobileTechReview:

This is the year of the slider, and Pocket PC phones are no exception. The Samsung i730 cell phone features a slide-out thumb keyboard which marries the tactile feedback and excellent ergonomics of the Treo 650’s keyboard with the slider design first seen on the HTC Blue Angel and Harrier series of devices (sold as the Audiovox XV6600 by Verizon, Siemens SX66 by Cingular and the Audiovox PPC-6601 by Sprint).

Samsung i730 Review Conclusion: The Swiss Army Knife of Pocket PC phones. It has everything except a camera: Bluetooth, WiFi, EVDO, an AV remote, excellent thumb keyboard and voice recognition. Not only that, it’s quite compact, especially with the standard battery. If you’re a power user craving serious processing power, plenty of memory and triple wireless, the i730 beckons. The keyboard slider is well made and has nice spring-loaded action and the keyboard itself is on par with the Treo 650. The screen is vibrant and bright, incoming call volume is good enough for even noisy places and Bluetooth plays well with all the headsets we tested. Samsung includes nice goodies in the box: both s standard and extended battery, a folding cradle which can charge both batteries, a stereo headset and a spare stylus. Not bad, though the Samsung isn’t perfect. Battery life is short, you must turn off the phone to use WiFi and the buttons are maddeningly easy to press by accident. Yes it has a key lock slider, but who wants to use that to carry the phone from one room to the next? Gamers won’t be happy that the Samsung i730 mobile phone doesn’t support simultaneous button presses. And of course, as per Verizon’s rule, it doesn’t support Bluetooth DUN.

PC Mag also takes a good look at the Samsung i730 PDA – mobile phone and says:
“The most powerful thing you can hold in your hand short of a pocket nuke, the Samsung i730 PDA/phone is small, blazingly fast, but guzzles battery power.

The Samsung i730 cell phone is the most powerful connected handheld device on the market today. Because of the high price and shorter battery life, we can’t quite recommend the i730 over the Treo 650 for basic phone, PIM and email use. But if you can afford to charge your handheld at least daily, the i730 gives you a truly broadband device with the power of a mini-laptop.”

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