HTC Universal Review

HTC Universal Smartphone - PDA On his blog, Jason Langridge have a HTC Universal Smartphone review and writes:

The Combination of the VGA Screen, Wifi and 3G make it unique in the Market for Windows Mobile devices. I have found myself spending a lot of time browsing the web marvelling at the gorgeous screen which seems to render web pages (especially with Windows Mobile 5.0) incredibly well.

The swivel screen like a Tablet PC allows you to close the screen and protect it when it isn’t in use and also is really handy if like me you listen to music on the device as you can close the screen preserving battery life whilst also allowing the Music to play on! The screen also switches neatly between landscape and portrait which is great for Word Documents and Spreadsheets alike.

Here are some First Impressions of the HTC Universal smartphone from Mobile Passion:

“Lift up on the cover to expose the QWERTY keyboard and the beautiful VGA color screen automatically starts in landscape viewing mode. The screen of the HTC Universal smartphone looked amazingly bright, matching the brilliance of the Dell X50v’s VGA screen. PowerPoint presentations viewed on this screen were stunningly sharp and clear.

The keys were plenty large for my fat thumbs to handle but it did take a little time to adjust to the flat feel of these keys. In addition, I had to adapt to the position of the keys. Although it is a QWERTY layout, the keys are aligned on a horizontal/vertical grid—different from the vertically staggered alignment of a traditional keyboard. I think they could have made the keys a little smaller and staggered them, or raised them a little for a better tactile feel (like you find on the Samsung i730).”

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