Sony Vaio S270 Review

Sony Vaio S270 laptopNotebook Review has a Sony Vaio S270 Review and writes about the design of the Vaio S270 notebook:

Just about everyone thinks this is one of the sexiest laptops around and I would have to agree. The black exterior looks both sleek and professional and the shiny VAIO letters add a touch of style to this already very decadent computer. Open it up and you’ll find yourself staring at a beautifully designed keyboard and touchpad. The sides are filled with the standard ports, but there are a few complaints here. First, there is no multicard reader. Second, the little cap for the USB ports looks very cheap and don’t fit in with the overall classy design…I’ve been typing this review the entire time on the s270’s keyboard and although it’s a preference issue, I believe it to be the best laptop keyboard on the market (including IBMs). The depth of each key is shallow

A little bit about the Vaio S270 screen (there are a lot of people that love the Vaio displays):
“This screen can go toe to toe with anything in the market today. There is virtually no flex to the screen, but the screen will ripple if you push very hard on the back. DVDs come to life on the 1280×800 screen. I personally find that resolution too high for normal use so I lower it to 1024×768 while typing and web surfing. The brightness can be adjusted on 8 different levels and can easily be seen outdoors and indoors. No complaints here.”

The conclusion of this review of the Sony Vaio S270 laptop:

“I LOVE THIS COMPUTER! The only major flaw I can think of is the heat and I think of that as a challenge to overcome by changing settings anyway. Tweaking the CPU, underclocking the graphics card, and doing all the other great stuff really helped me learn a lot.”

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